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 YOU are as unique as a fingerprint 

*No refunds or exchanges on custom items

Vida Patrice is here to provide quality, unique, and custom items of every category to everyone! We want to help you reach your individual goals whether it’s creatively, financially, or in fashion.

About Us

Vida Patrice


I’m Vida Patrice, the worlds next big fashion designer! I have an absolute passion for fashion, the world shall see! However I am known for making custom EVERYTHING! You name it, I customize it or make it. I also consult with individuals and small businesses on financial and business matters to help increase success holistically.I am a loc stylist, natural hair is a beautiful thing. I can retwist and keep your locs healthy and routinely maintained. Additionally…Keep It Sexy is a big beautiful umbrella cultivated into three individual pieces to unify into one. 

We have a superior of Keep It Sexy; Keep It Sexy (KIS)is a women’s brand designed by women for women. I want women to understand that we are all beautiful just the way we are, so KIS is here to make customized clothing to fit every shape and curve of a woman properly, to magnify their beauty.Secondarily we have Keep It Street; Keep It Street (KIS) is a mens brand created to magnify the hard works and efforts of a hustler. More often than none, hustling is a way of life not chosen. Hustlers are some of the most creative and ambitious individuals. These are threads of a hustler.Certainly not least, however the last of the Trinity…we have Keep It Smokin (KIS) a line that is totally individual, handmade, custom, and trippy. A collection for free spirits and creatives alike. KIS offers an assortment of novelty items to spruce up your “higher” sessions. Items to help you memorialize, celebrate, and/or relax for years to come.


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2150 N Collins st Arlington Tx 76011